DIR - A Remedial Program for Reading


The remedial program for reading DIR proposes an original and provocative, but rational insight into the problematic of students with learning disabilities. Furthermore, this book presents an innovative, demanding and consequent approach to remedial education. DIR is aimed towards remedial teachers, but also towards any individual preoccupied by the fate of our struggling students.

Christian Boyer has held several positions in the field of education: teacher, remedial teacher, pedagogical consultant and vice-principal. He is currently working as a Consultant for SESSIONS, a firm he founded in 1995. In 2009, he established Éditions de l’Apprentissage, a publishing house that specializes in publishing educational ressources and articles pertaining to education and remedial education, stemming from the programs he has developed in reading and writing.

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« Malgré la prétention de certains, on ne mesure jamais le potentiel des enfants, seulement les effets de nos interventions et de nos interactions. »

Christian Boyer

« On n’a pas accès à ce que l’on ne peut pas imaginer. »

Robert Rembold